The rupture of constitutional order in Mexico: the extension of term of Supreme Court´s chief justice

The institutional life of Mexico has suffered an alteration that modifies its constitutional status by the draft Law that reforms the judicial branch to extend the tenure of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 4 to 6 years. In this sense, an unprecedented event arises with the sum of legislative wills that agree with a qualified majority, assuming an unconstitutional position, since a transitory article is the basis for this amendment. Consequently, the constitutional hierarchy is violated, which causes the rupture of the constitutional order. This decision was adopted in the logic of the perverse game of power because the President pretends to subordinate, for political purposes, the administration of justice, under the logic of making the political and legal “coincide” with its self-proclaimed project 4th Transformation. This will be analyzed from the concept of “people”, an abstract category which is the justification that encourages the rupture of the constitutional order.