The Rule of Law: Legal Philosophy and Political Theory

This paper based on the concept the Rule of law in the context of current political environment. We use theoretical analysis including legal philosophy and political theory in general and empirical analysis of the Russian legal and political system. First, we should analyse the Rule of Law as an analytical concept, and a concept with particular contain. Secondly, we’ll focus on controversy between positivistic and moral perceptions of law. This controversy lays on another contradiction between understanding positivism and natural law theory as democratic or conservative approaches. Thirdly, we will pay attention to the Rule of Law and theory of Plebiscitary Democracy. According to sociologist and philosopher Greg Yudin – Russia is an example of Plebiscitary Democracy that combines rational-legal authority (via elections) and monarchical one. In this part of paper, we will analyse recently published book “The Rule of Law Under Fire?” by R. Wacks.