The role of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in protecting women against endemic violence.

In some Latin-American countries, violence and discrimination against women is an endemic issue. Starting from the 2009 Cotton Field case [González et al (‘Cotton Field’) v México, Series C 205 (16 November 2009)], the IACtHR has converted itself in a human rights court leader in judging under the gender perspective paradigm.
Thus, this paper will deal with the IACtHR jurisprudence in feminicide cases and it will be divided into 4 parts. Firstly, I will analyze the reasons and the causes of this endemic problem in some Latin-America countries. Secondly, I will focus on theoretical and legal tools that should be used in order to deal with the problem. Thirdly, the IACtHR case law addressing this issue will be analyzed in order to underline the gender perspective paradigm developed therein.
Finally, the paper will offer some insights on the use of the gender perspective paradigm in protecting women against violence and discrimination.