The role of European agencies in global health standards from global to EU to national level

This paper will analyze the role of European Agencies in the setting of global standards, focusing on the regulatory area of health (pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals). In all these fields, European Agencies participate in the setting of standards on the global level e.g. in the ICH, the Codex and the OECD. They also play an important role in the implementation of the global standards and their enforcement on EU as well as Member State level. Therefore, this paper will examine the role of European Agencies in global standard-setting in-between the global, EU and national level. It will compare the role of EU Agencies in the setting of pharmaceutical, chemical and food standards and which role these bodies play in the implementation of global standards on the EU level. It will also examine how the EU implemented global standards affect the Member States and the role that EU agencies play in this regard.