The road towards a Just Energy Transition – People at the core of the European Green Deal?

The 2019 Europe Sustainable Development Report compared the performance of the EU and its 28 member states and found that they face the greatest challenges on goals related to climate, biodiversity, and circular economy. In order for the EU and member states to be on the right path, the European Green Deal must ensure full decarbonisation of the energy system by 2050, promote the circular economy and achieve greater efficiencies in resource use and far lower waste and develop integrated policies to promote sustainable land use and food systems by 2050. However while pursuing these goals there is an inevitable challenge that is that of ensuring a transition to a fairer society. The paper will examine how the EU will approach getting back on the right track for the SDGs 2030, the role of the EGD and the necessary tools and regulatory changes to progress in a way that leaves no one behind, offering equal opportunities to all.