The right to strike as the “first right”

The right to strike is a human right. As history shows us, strikers, labour unions and social movements have often been criminalized, and this leads to a statement of the obvious. In current times – the times of uber, austerity and hyper-vigilance –, people have had a great amount of rights taken away, such as labour rights, social security and privacy. At the same time, society has new demands, generated by aspects such as gender violence, economic disparity and racial inequality, that can be perceived in private relations, between workers and companies, but also results from the lack of public policies that originally aim to change these disparities, and because of this, the right to strike is essential. This paper will analyze the right to strike as the “first right,” or, in other words, the one that makes it possible for the people to recover lost social rights, according to the research of Roberto Gargarella, who states that protests are vital for democracy.