The right to be forgotten in US and Europe

Since ancient times, human beings have demanded the right to a second chance. This need to start over seems to be a present-day debate, when it has existed much longer than the Internet.
Before the creation of the Web 2.0, traditional memory prevailed over digital memory, allowing certain information to be forgotten; such information was made irrelevant with the mere passage of time.
In contrast, past data now appears by simply typing the name of a person of interest into a search engine, preventing citizens from having a second chance. This way, digital memory has clouded traditional memory, therefore, the digital right to be forgotten is fundamental.
Therefore, the objective of this presentation is, first, to analyze the real origin of the right to be forgotten, which pre- dates the digital era.
Second, to do a comparative study between the US and Europe, to understand the differences concerning this right that exist nowadays on both sides of the Atlantic.