The reparations regime of the African Court and compliance with Court decisions

On the reparations regime, the presentation will look at the Court’s position on reparations as expressed in many judgments. The presentation will also look at the evolution of the Court’s approach on how it handled the question of reparations – either dealing with reparations in a separate judgment or together with the decision on merits, highlighting the reason for the change in approach and the number of judgments on reparations so far and will also indicate the kind of reparations that the Court has awarded and the tone of the Court’s orders to ensure compliance.
The second section will look at the supervisory mechanisms provided for by the Protocol, as well as mechanisms put in place by the Court itself to monitor compliance with its decisions. The Protocol entrusts the role of ensuring compliance on the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, but the Executive Council is mandated to do this on their behalf.