The Refusal of a Covid-19 Vaccine, between Individual Freedom and Social Responsibility

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought attention back to the topic of vaccinations.
Recently, some very rare side effects have led many people to refuse some proposed vaccines, considering “messenger RNA” vaccines a safer alternative.
This phenomenon (different from the case of No-Vax people) leads us to question the legal consequences of refusing a vaccine – an exercise of the freedom of self-determination in the therapeutic field – and its related social responsibilities.
In this context, the proposed sanctions for the refusal a certain type of vaccine and the reward rules for those who get vaccinated (such as the EU Green pass) should be examined. In this regard, it is necessary to reflect on the fact that these measures may affect the freedom of self-determination of the person, in a scientific context that has not yet ruled out a causal link between the very rare lethal events and vaccination.