The Question of the Long-Lasting Impact of the Pandemic on French Public Law

In France, to deal with the health crisis, a new state-of-emergency legal regime has been created, to allow public bodies to take exceptional measures. The decisions for such measures, severely limiting rights and freedoms, were taken by the President of the Republic, surrounded by a few ministers and experts. This mode of operation disrupted the usual decision-making processes and undermined the rule of law. However, the extensions of the specific policing powers of the Executive have been justified by courts, in particular during the peaks of the crisis.
Is the French Government now better prepared to deal with emergency situations, both at logistical and legal levels? Is the legal framework – regarding pandemics, but also other potential major challenges – sufficient? Will usual democratic decision-making processes be restored after the crisis? Finally, will the courts clearly protect differently the rights and freedoms during and outside an emergency?