The Protection of the EU financial interests between administrative and criminal tools: OLAF and EPPO

For twenty years, OLAF, entrusted with the power to conduct administrative investigations, has been the main anti-fraud controller at the EU level. Despite the significance of its activities, however, the rate of recovery of financial resources that had been irregularly used has long been unsatisfactory. This is one of the reasons that lead the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor Office (EPPO). In turn, also OLAF has been reformed. Do the recently approved reforms address the shortcomings of the system of protection of the financial interests of the EU? And what type of cooperation is deemed to take place between EPPO and OLAF? What type of interaction is established between administrative and criminal tools in the protection of the EU financial interests? Finally, how will the EPPO and the national prosecutors manage their coexistence? The paper seeks to answer to these questions.