The protection of EU financial interests in Italy: administrative and criminal critical issues

Quite recently, the Government has prepared a governance scheme for the implementation of NRRP. The challenge of the protection of the EU’s financial interest appears now even more complex. Italy is one of the EU countries with the highest number of judgments linked to suspect fraud or irregularities on EU funds. The data hint to the fact that the domestic judicial system is well reactive. Yet, there are a series of critical aspects to point out, referring to the administrative and criminal systems. First of all, there is the “ex ante-in itinere-ex post” paradigm regarding the system of controls. Secondly, there is the “internal-external” dichotomy that synthesises the complexity of the actors involved. Lastly, an “administrative-criminal” co-ordination is necessary. Not surprisingly, all the three issues arose in the pandemic scenario, as in the case of Stockpile capacities in RescEU framework and in those of the SURE mechanism and money laundering in access to credit by SMEs.