The principle of sustainable innovation according to the EU 2021-2027 financial framework: co-governance as a key dimension, cities as laboratories of experimentation. Challenges of IP and public law.

The paper will ultimately contribute to investigating urban experimentalism as a way to rethink the working method and administrative functions of cities towards a mission-oriented approach to urban policymaking and the challenge it poses to the law. It will analyze in particular the emerging phenomena of city science diplomacy, with empirical manifestations such as Science Hubs and Chief Science Offices that would act as a mission-oriented unit within the City to enable tech innovation and experimental policymaking. The paper will investigate how Science Hubs and CSOs can implement incremental models of policy making with policy learning at its core through the implementation of processes designed as policy democratic experiments through which urban policymakers experiment with several means to innovate urban policies involving the role of technology and data tackling the challenges posed by public and law and IP law.