The pragmatic democracy towards representative democracy – Some reflection on Albanian political reality

Albania went through several crisis in the last 5 years: legal, political and natural ones. The first one was caused by a deep legal reform to fight the corruption. Meanwhile, the opposition boycott the parliament and the local elections, handing the majority party the victory and an uncontrolled power without a significant political resistance. The third crises was the earthquake and the pandemic. Despite all, the socialist party won the general election for the third time in a row, which is a new record. It raises some questions how a political party after 8 years of accusation of power abuse is being seen as a better choice although the need for change is present? Does representative democracy still work? Do people really believe in the political opposition? Does the parliament play still a representative role of the people? How can the political majority be controlled if there is no effective opposition? Is the pragmatic democracy replacing the representative one?