The Power without Unconscious. The Representation in the Age of Governance (Discussant)

Nowadays, the new forms of social regulation already established in Europe, labelled through the ambiguous notion of governance, are an interesting observation point in order to grasp the radical crisis of the modern legal order of the discourse, based on the centrality of the State, on the dichotomy between private and public spheres, and so on, the representation of political unity. To frame the meaning of such a crisis, it could be useful to analyse Jacques Lacan’s topics of discourses. In particular, we believe that his thoughts about the capitalist discourse, conceived as a variant of the master discourse, could be very inspiring. Indeed, according to Lacan, while the father, if conceived as the guarantor of the alliance between law and desire, evaporates, the Master is still present. Not anymore as a subject but as an object: without mediation.