The Polish Constitution of compromise – passed or failed the exam of consolidating the achievements of the political transformation?

The Polish Constitution of 1997 is an embodiment of political compromise, since its adoption required reaching a broad constitutional coalition, in particular on ideological issues. On the substance, the authors of the Constitution agreed that “the Republic of Poland shall be a democratic state ruled by law and implementing the principles of social justice” (art. 2 of the Constitution). Public opinion polls show that Polish people are distrustful of public institutions and in political debate, there have been demands for amending the Constitution. Has the Polish constitution stood the test of time and proved to be effective in times of crisis? Is a positive or a negative assessment of the application of the Constitution predominant? The paper discusses constitutional mechanisms guaranteeing the observance of the principles of a democratic state of law and the current practice of the Polish supreme state bodies in this respect, as these factors are vital for building trust.