The past and present of the influence of the German constitution-making and constitutional judicial review in Albania

The scope of the paper is to provide a concise retrospective analysis of the influence exerted by the German basic law and case-law of the Bundesverfassungsgericht in the Albanian constitutional system. For this purpose, the paper will be focused on three selected topics. Firstly, it will analyze the model of Inquiry commissions established in the Albanian Constitution designed akin to that of the German Basic Law. Secondly, it will touch upon the constitutional amendment of 2008 which remodeled the motion of non-confidence akin to the German model of constructive vote of non-confidence. Thirdly, it will focus on the more recent developments in the framework of the justice reform, by analyzing the redesign of the constitutional appeal model based on the Verfassungsbeschwerde. Lastly, few conclusions will be drawn on the complexities of adopting and adjusting the application of such provisions in the Albanian context.