La participación en política de los ex miembros de la guerrilla de las FARC. Análisis de la Sentencia C-027 de 2018.

In a constitutional reform (Legislative Act 03 of 2017) the Congress regulated the most important aspects related to the participation in politics of the former members of the guerrilla. The Constitutional Court made the review of this reform in decision C-027 of 2018. Among the most relevant aspects of the amendment is the possibility that ex-combatants, even those who have committed atrocious crimes, could participate in politics, creating five seats in the Senate and five seats in the House of Representatives; the granting of a political party and the financiation of it, the possibility that this political party use the public media and that the political party have representatives within the jurisdictional body that deals with the organization and monitoring of the elections (National Electoral Council). The paper will analyze the most important aspects of the ruling and the criticisms that were given about this decision.