The Origins of the Crisis of Common Values of the Union

Why is the EU faced with a crisis of common values as it unfolds before our eyes? The idea that the principle of the judiciary’s independence depends largely on its specific cultural understanding is a mirror image of the argument that the current situation is due to cultural and social backwardness of CEE. By inadequately articulating the origins of the crisis of values, the EU keeps addressing and treating the symptoms of its crises rather than the actual disease. This contribution explores the origins of the crisis of values, tracing the crisis to the phenomena of ressentiment. Moreover, independently of ressentiment, the legal system, when harming some actors under the pretext of common values, itself vitally contributes to their disintegration. Neglect of the real forces of its disintegration prevents a fuller realisation of the Union's immense normative and integrative potential, at best, and leading to its disintegration, at worst.