The Need for a feminist approach on the Argentinian Constitution: equal opportunities in the workplace.

In Argentina, the lack of opportunities for women in the workplace is notorious in several aspects. Although the Magna Carta guarantees the right to social work and the right to equality, in several cases it does not translate in real consequences; its application is in many times detrimental to Women, it does not provide the same system of solution to conflicts between parties, and the State’s intervention is minimal.
In this paper I will address the situation that women experience regarding their job opportunities; regardless of the extent in which certain rights are guaranteed in the normative, in the practice, they are not really granted. For instance, a woman receives a lower salary than a man for the same task and female athletes are discriminated. I will specifically analyse, the ‘2003 FUND WOMEN INEQUALITY -with EMPRESA FREDDO’ case which is an example of a judicial decision that established affirmative actions.