The macroeconomics of corruption in pandemic era: the difficult path outlined by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) between objectives of economic growth, defense of competition and restoration of legality.

The spread of corruption, combined to the presence of criminality in the legal economy and to the complex administrative procedures, could set aside the positive expected results from the volume of public and private investments, never reached in the recent history of our country. A new and wider approach, taking into account not only the economic, financial, territorial and social context but also the particular conditions in which companies operate, is required to analyse corruption, since it couldn’t be comparable to others criminal behaviours. Furthermore, the abolition of the European rules in the aid regime and the temporary suspension of the competition rules could raise in the next years the imbalances between European companies and workers. Actions must be taken in these sectors, in order to prevent that the expansion of corruption and organized crime could emphasize the distorting effects already produced by the pandemic.