The limit of the public interest and the state agent’s privacy before the State

This work seeks to deal with the privacy of the public agent from the point of view of the State’s protection, aiming to discuss the extent which the veil of private life can be mitigated in the name of the public interest, particularly if considered agents who work in sensitive activities, such as public security, intelligence and anti-corruption. In order to do so, our analysis starts from a special justification of the legal relation between the State and its agents: the special subjection relations, originally found in nineteenth-century German law and developed in the current doctrine of Spanish-speaking countries, as well (with lower academic production) in Brazil. On the basis of such relationships, a greater intensity is justified in the legal relationship between the State and its agents when compared to the bond established with its citizens in general. Thus, we seek to conclude whether a greater restriction on the privacy of state agents is possible.