The key elements of an anti-bullying policy in the higher education context – Students’ freedom of speech limitations in the US and in Hungary

Recently, I won the Eötvös Hungarian State Research Grant to the USA to conduct research regarding the possibility of adopting an anti-bullying policy for higher education institutions.
Regarding bullying and cyberbullying, the crucial constitutional issue is the limitation of freedom of speech. Before the technological revolution, the students’ free speech limitations were more clearly described, but the era of the Internet and social media changed the world and also created a new form of bullying (cyberbullying). Moreover, these changes blurred the line between constitutionally protected and unconstitutional speech, in particular in the online environment. Therefore, I spent the fall semester in the US in order to better understand the free speech limitations at US universities. As a result, I identified several key elements of anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies in the US and established a model anti-bullying policy, which was reviewed by US professionals.