The Itinerant Justice in Brazil: judges helping people to become citizens

The brazilian Constitution of 1988, the so called “Citizen Constitution”, created a new jurisdictional formula to bring Justice to people: the Itinerant Justice.From its constitutional cradle to the streets, rivers and slums, judges are building a new way of enforcing citizenship by meeting the people where they live, and in doing so, finding out what Justice they need.
This new concept is being developed by a group of judges who realizing the the lack and fragility of citizenship in Brazil, due mostly to the social inequality inherited from the long lasting slavery system, are now working to change this social reality
The stories of people who at old ages do not have a birth certificate and/or of couples who live a life together but do not have the money and/or the information needed to get married, are examples, between many others, that the Itinerant Justice helps to bring into light .These experience are the moto to make brazilian judges think about their real role in Society.