The Italian Regions during the pandemic: the effects of an exceptional use of the regulatory power

The spread of the COVID-19 has made it necessary to adopt measures of exceptional nature, by the implementation of an emergency regulatory framework deemed as the most effective. In this scenario, we have witnessed a leading role of the Italian Regions, which have issued an unprecedented number of ordinances. This attitude on the part of the Regions not only has emptied of meaning the use of this exceptional instrument, but it has also disoriented the citizens. Therefore, by analyzing the State legislation on the definition of the regional power for the management of the pandemic, it will be highlighted the tensions between center and periphery. Finally, it will be observed that this issue has remained under the administrative jurisdiction for nearly all the pandemic period. However, recently the Constitutional Court ruled on the case of the Aosta Valley’s law against national restrictions dealing with the health emergency, resolving this dispute between State and Regions.