The impact of post-impeachment constitutional denaturation in Brazil – the legislative proposals on democracy under neoliberalism and democratic erosion

Since 2016, Brazil has experienced a growth of neoliberalism, bringing great changes on the protection of social rights in the country’s Constitution and legislation. In addition, the impeachment against Dilma Rousseff for political reasons generated a major impact on the quality of democracy in the country. This research aims to analyze the bills and constitutional amendment proposals during the post-impeachment period, from Rousseff’s to Jair Bolsonaro’s government, investigating the role of the Congress in the erosion of Brazilian democracy. It includes both amendment proposals and bills aimed to stop or reverse the democratic erosion of the past years, and also amendment proposals and bills aimed toward accentuating the authoritarian advance and reducing the democratic content of national legislation. Thus, the research problem consists of the critical and comparative analysis between these propositions, in order to highlight the directions given by Congress to Brazilian democracy.