‘The impact of NGEU on the Union’s institutional balances’

This paper by Paul Dermine (CJEU) seeks to examine how the pandemic, and the main policy initiative it triggered on the economic front, i.e. the recovery plan NGEU, have impacted the various institutional balances of the Union. The paper argues that the pandemic has both confirmed some trends already well underway since the Great Financial Crisis (competence creep, executive dominance, new intergovernmentalism, …), and prompted new evolutions (most notably a return to the Community method). Among others, the paper examines the role of the European Council in EU policy-making, the influence of the Commission on policy implementation (and its relationship with the Council in that context), the attempts of the European Parliament to increase its weight on economic governance, and the involvement of the Court of Justice. The paper also considers how the pandemic and NGEU have impacted the relationship between the EU and national authorities with regard to economic policy-making.