The Governance of Independent Agencies- Starting from the Analysis of Taiwan Experience

Independent agencies (hereinafter as “IA”) are found in countries with different government designs. This symbolizes a worldwide trend to adjust the traditional mechanism of separation of powers.
Most countries with IA are facing governance issues in different degree. For example, Taiwan FTC’s settlement with an enterprise overturned whole communication policy direction without any participation of other agencies.
I will define whether the IA to be functionally or organizationally independent, externally or internally independent, and independent in a general or case-by-case sense at first. I suggest different goal-settings of independence would affect institutional designs of IA, and institutions such as staggered terms are not necessary under the goal to keep IA from the head of government.
Finally, I contend the key to a feasible governance of IA is in Congress. Except for reviewing IA nominee’s competency, it may reserve the final decision powers in the head of government.