The global spread of neoliberalism via United Nations Constitutional Assistance: A salient but understudied international constitutional mechanism.

My paper reveals the global spread of neoliberalism via an uncharted mechanism: United Nations Constitutional Assistance (UNCA) (1989-2019). The UN assists states adopt the Western liberal constitution (the Constitution) and its capitalist property rights. This is UNCA. Which was conceived in response to Third World peoples’ perceived incapacities. UNCA enabled colonies transit to independence from 1949-1960 for in 1960, self-determination became an absolute right.
I therefore, ask: Why has UNCA been revived in over forty Third World sovereign states (States). I answer this question based on the UN’s official statements. My paper reveals that from 1989-2018, the UN and the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) have co-promoted the Constitution, (the latter’s conditionality), which is key to achieving their neoliberal policies. For this reason, conflict was defined broadly to include socio-economic causes. And UNCA worked ostensibly to prevent conflict, but created within debtor-states, based on their contrived consent, an environment favouring powerful transnational interests. In this way, it violates their right to self-determination.