The ‘Ghost’ And The ‘Future’ Of Turkish (Constitutional) Democracy: Trust And Distrust

The AKP government displays a textbook definition of right-wing populism in Turkey. Nonetheless, its criticism bears a superficial interest in comparative analysis.
Notwithstanding all the shortcomings of the current government, there is still mistrust towards the opposition, stemming from a discourse reminding the ghosts of the past – discourse and ghosts; i.e., they are not entirely true; but that’s exactly the point if we aim for a functioning a democracy.
Can there be a democracy without actual public support? Can electoral politics, in its realpolitik, be enough for redesigning the constitution for a sustainable future?
The current government has been able to maintain public support thus far. It is easy to distrust or look down upon the populus from an elitist perspective, but what counts in a real democracy, is to win her and maintain a constitutional government. Turkey, has been an example of the former, and can be of the latter; if she is to learn from it and up to the task.