The future of EU citizenship status – emerging as a crisis?

This considers citizenship status in the context of the Eurozone crisis, the rise of the political far-right, the migrant crisis and the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, the paper discusses what intervening political factors emerged from these events that have contributed to shaping the future of EU citizenship. The paper will explain how these factors have affected the interpretation of citizenship status in terms of its material and personal scope, with a particular focus on what this means for the future of EU citizenship, and how this shows a crisis is emerging. The argument is that the growing pressure on the EU as an institution as well as the underlying difficulties that has plagued EU citizenship’s success from the outset are coming to the fore through the Court’s adjudication of citizenship status. As such, the concept of EU citizenship is losing its hard-fought identity as a substantive constitutional status, and with it, its relevance within the legal order the EU.