The future of environmental law as a public law response to ecosystem services protection in cities

Urban areas face constant challenges linked to the global climate crisis, environmental degradation, and natural resource shortages which inhibit the capacity of ecosystems to provide crucial services on which humans depend for health and well-being. The right to a safe and healthy environment is a constitutional imperative protected by environmental legislation. Ecosystem services play an important part in ecological sustainability and human health and well-being, especially in times of crises. These services need adequate protection. Covid-19 and related measures moved environmental issues to the backseat i.t.o. government priority. Environmental law (EL) is an important public law pathway through which environmental protection may be achieved. This paper considers the post-pandemic future of public law (EL, particularly), and changes i.r.o. how it operates during Covid-19 with a focus on local environmental governance instruments and their viability at local government level.