The Future of Constitutional Law: Decolonisation.

The times of neoliberal globalisation compel Constitutional Law to reflect on itself. This exercise will show that what has been understood as the universal conception of Constitutional Law is just a Eurocentric one: It has been constructed out of the internal history of European Nation-states & their struggle against absolutism and totalitarianism. But there has been another body of constitutionalism that emerged in the context of modern colonialism: a) The norms in the constitutions of European Empire-States regarding colonies; b) the law used to rule over colonies by, among others, the Spanish Empire (Derecho Indiano) or by the British East India Company (British Colonial Law); c) the Declarations of Independence & the constitutions enacted by former colonies in the Americas in the 19th century, & d) the constitutions of African & Asian ex-colonies adopted as a result of decolonisation in the 20th century. Constitutions have to do with colonialism, enforced it and emerged from it.