THE FORGOTTEN AGENDA: the constitutional amendment proposal for female Justices at the Brazilian Supreme Court

Constitutional and Supreme Courts are part of the day by day politics in many jurisdictions around contemporary democracies. In the last years, the main moral dilemmas and political controversies have been challenged before these institutions. In Brazil, the Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) represents a leading institutional voice since 1988. However, the increase of this central role is followed by an ongoing distrust on the democratic deficit of the courts, either from the theoretical as practice perspective. The way the Justices are selected represents one of these concerns. This is the reason way many constitutional amendments have been proposed in order to better balance these critiques. Even though none of them have been approved in Brazil, there is one of singular importance: the constitutional amendment proposal on gender parity in the appointment process. In our research we demonstrate how this proposal is connected with the under representation of female judges in the STF.