The fading of representative democracy and the rise of pragmatic democracy Some reflection on Albanian political reality

Albania went through several crisis in the last years The first one was caused by a deep legal reform on judicial power as a necessity to fight the corruption. The opposition boycotted the parliament and elections. Two impeachment procedures by the parliament against the President of Republic failed, no reflection about the responsibility of majority behavior was made. A heavy earthquake followed by the pandemic worsened the social life. Nevertheless the majority won the elections for the third time in a row. Several questions raise: why a political party after 8 years of accusation of power abuse is still being seen as a better choice to govern? Does the representative democracy still work? Do people have to believe in opposition if it does not undertake its genuine role seriously? Are there any other effective mechanism to control the powerholders? is the representative role of the parliament fading or being replaced by a pragmatic approach towards parliamentarism?