The European Parliament’s affair with the #MeToo movement

In October, 2017, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution on
combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU. This document
includes, among others, a statement that the EP “welcomes initiatives
such as the #MeToo movement that aim to report cases of sexual
harassment and violence against women”. The paper aims to consider the
following questions: whether an institution like the EP is supposed to
formally express support for a very young social movement without
accountable leaders; whether there is a risk of unintended impacts if
the different forms of discrimination and abuse against women,
undoubtedly rooted in the same soil, are discussed in the same
sentence; whether the principles of fair trial and the procedural
rights of defendants/respondents should be mentioned in a document
like this, at least for political reasons. The author claims that
these questions may be crucial in the light of a major contemporary
phenomenon, namely the erosion of the human rights consensus.