The European Green Deal: changing the trajectory of EU integration?

With the Communication of 11 December 2019, the EU Commission launched the European Green Deal (EGD), a comprehensive and ambitious strategy aimed at enacting a deep transformation of its economy, as decoupled from resource use. The EGD is an innovative political project and it combines a plurality of techniques, ranging from financing public investments to nudging private initiatives. How do these techniques combine? Are these techniques effective or is their definition and implementation facing obstacles? Are these obstacles technical or political? How does the role of public powers change in the EGD, from a traditional regulatory paradigm? What is the impact of the EGD on the EU social model? The EGD has the potential of marking a substantial change in the evolution of EU integration, from the emergency perspective within which it has evolved in the last decade; however, the answers to these questions have a radical impact on such potential.