The end of trust in the nation-state model

Different social groups functioned as nations, with their own customary law and worldview, it will be difficult to make them admit today, in a short time, that now there there is a western macro-nation which will absorb them by changing some of the ancestral practices. Throughout the twentieth century, In Latin America, westernized state institutions tried to build nation-states, but they were faced either with resistance or with impossibilities. As a result, the nation-state model has lost credibility (distrust), and governments are exploring other possibilities for building social unity. More reasonable to admit the existence of different nations in the same state, and that in parallel be recognized the existence of a legal unit around great shared values. The purpose of this would be to give full freedom to the development of cultural differences that arise among peoples, while taking advantage of the existence of a legal framework conducive to the establishment of a social union.