The end of the Brazilian constitution-alibi

One of the political-symbolic functions of the Brazilian constitution is notoriously an alibi for the future fulfillment of the program outlined in its text, as Marcelo Neves has well observed. In this perspective, the hope of a future fulfillment of the constitutional norm continually fuels the desire for inclusion of the citizen in the system. However, in recent years, a large number of Brazilian subintegrates have observed that this expectation has not been and will not be met. Worse, the alibi served only to support the maintenance of elites in power. Evidently, an exploration of the legal system by the politician. As a result, as the lack of normative implementation of the constitution is increasingly observed, society’s distrust in the state intensifies. In an environment of growing feeling of lack of representation in the political class on the part of citizens, this ended up displacing a significant portion of society to the illiberal field.