The Dynamic Constitutional Order Focusing on the Issues of Sharing Economy

I explore the dynamic constitutional order in risk society focusing on the issues of sharing economy. Sharing economy provides not only the chance to use asset and take free time but also convenience and low cost service to customers. On the other hand, there are some problems. For example, there are problem between landlord in Airbnb and tenant, and employment problem in Uber. In general, political branches response the risk, ex ante. The executive branch responses to these problems by applying the exist legal system and if necessary, the legislative branch will enact new law. When the regulations have potential risk to violate some constitutional rights, the court will decide the injunction to protect constitutional rights. But most of the cases, the court involves ex post. In these way, we need to consider constitutional issues in the various contexts including both ex ante and ex post. I figure out the outline to dynamic constitutional order taking the issues of sharing economy.