The Decriminalization of Abortion in Mexico. A Win for Women and Pregnant Persons

In a context of historical and structural discrimination against women and LGBTIQ+ persons, the rulings issued by the Mexican Supreme Court in September of 2021 are salutatory, for recognizing explicitly the constitutional right of women and persons with gestational capacities to terminate their pregnancies. These decisions were made after a long-standing struggle of women for their rights, including the right to autonomy and reproductive health. In this paper, I show the importance and implications of these judicial opinions: the first one, decriminalizes abortion, and the second one, determines that states do not have the legal power to legislate about the beginning of life being from the moment of conception (a religious doctrine). To this effect, I analyze the main concepts and arguments of the Justices of the Mexican Supreme Court. I conclude that these rulings are sound and do justice for the rights of women and other minorities, like trans persons and non-binary individuals.