The Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil as a circumstantial limit to amendment the Constitution

The amendments are important tools in consolidating the constitutions in modern democracies and to guarantee the original text’s fundamental decisions. In Brazil, the design purpose to amend the Constitution has some limits, such as the circumstantial limitations, that prohibit to create amendments in the state of siege, state of defense and federal intervention. The Covid-19 pandemic led the government to enact officially a public calamity state, installing an exceptional situation on public sectors. Despite all this, four amendments were edited on this time. This paper intends to discuss if the public calamity state could be considered a circumstantial limit to amend the Constitution and, therefore, if the amendments edited until now are legitimate. The research is relevant to promote the debate about the limits and reach of reforming power and how to deal with the consequences of all the changes occurred at the constitutional order in an exceptional period of his history.