The coronavirus pandemic: crisis or opportunity for the Spanish “Estado autonomico”?

The theory of federalism has been overwhelmed in recent years by a series of events that forced a rethink. One such event was the worldwide spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. During the pandemic, powers were centralised in the hands of the Executive, to the detriment of territorial branches of States. One of the states that suffered this ‘downturn’ was the Spanish. The 1978 constituent’s choice of the “Estado autonómico” immediately fuelled a debate on the possible federal evolution of Spain, and the ‘coronavirus variable’ fuelled this debate even more: first there was a centralisation of powers in the hands of the Sanchez government – mortifying the “nationalist” and CCAA instances – and then giving birth to the cogobernanza that devolved almost totally to the Presidents of the CCAA the management of the emergency (illegitimate by the STC 183/2021). It is on these considerations that I propose a reflection on the possible federal evolution in Spain or to a ‘new’ centralization of powers.