The Copy/Paste Approach to Transpose EU Directives

EU members frequently transpose EU directives by using a copy/paste approach, therefore introducing the full text of the directive into national law without adapting it. This approach allows a common legal framework in Member States, but it also creates problems. On one hand, new legislation resulting from a copy/paste approach may be a less effective piece of legislation due to its non-resemblance to the national legislative framework on the subject. On the other hand, clarity may also be at stake because interpretation may be more difficult due to the use of different legal terms from the national ones. Finally, it provides room for conflicts if the new legislation does not fit into the national framework.
In this intervention, we will be discussing the pros and cons of the copy/paste approach taking into consideration each of the above-mentioned issues and how does the need to ensure the effectiveness of the EU law, interpretation and clarity of legislation impact over this subject.