The Constitutionalization of European Economic Policy and the Dismantling of the Welfare State. Guidelines for Change in Spain

The institute of constitutional amendment guarantees the legal superiority of the founding pact, conciliates the principles of democracy and constitutional supremacy, and fosters the balance between stability and change. Nowadays, this change is inescapable. However, in the face of well-articulated and sufficiently well-founded proposals relating to the gender equality, the distribution of powers between the State and Autonomous Communities, or the recovery of public confidence in democratic institutions (among others), the impulses to contain the perverse effects of globalization on our constitutional economic model, they seem timid and insufficient. Especially regarding the impact of the constitutionalization of the principle of budgetary stability on the protection of social rights. This paper aims to highlight the need to erect walls of constitutional containment against unbridled neoliberal capitalism, formulating reform proposals.