THE CITIZENSHIPS' WALTZ or how citizenship turns local and global: a comparative perspective across EU countries

Across Europe migration governance involves a number of actors that play their role according to different tasks and competences. This multilevel scheme has generally exacerbated the fragmentation of migrants' rights and increased the discretionary power of each actor, but it has also paved the way for more inclusive approaches. This is the case of laws and policies promoted by specific regions, provinces and local municipalities, in contrast with the overall tendency carried out at the national level. By mapping cases of local policies decoupling from national ones across EU countries, we aim at exploring on which legal basis and in which specific fields the multiplication of responsibilities related to the different regulators ended up with promoting a top-down and bottom-up construction of citizenship. The paper will examine the “citizenships' waltz”, that is the contrivances that expand or restrict individual rights created by local and global understandings of citizenship.