The challenges faced by fundamental rights and democracy in the Jair Bolsonoaro Government

Jair Bolsonaro’s election as President of the Republic raises concerns regarding setbacks for the protection of fundamental rights and democracy in Brazil. In two months of government, measures have been presented or adopted that confirm such concerns, such as the following: Monitoring of NGOs, decrees’ notably extend the right to the possession of firearms, the transfer of FUNAI (National Indian Foundation). Its potential implementation is questionable for a number of reasons, three of which will be highlighted: First, the highly fragmented Brazilian political system; secondly, the free press; finally, the Judiciary. The phenomenon underway in countries like Hungary and Poland, where democracy has degenerated almost as fast as it has been consolidated, is not unacknowledged. Since Brazilian democracy is also very young and fragile, there is no solid liberal culture that either imposes an insurmountable obstacle, to the advent of an authoritarian regime.