The Amendment Proposal of the Constitution (PEC – Initials in Portuguese) N. 80/2019: theoretical reinforcements and critical and legal developments in Brazil

This research has as its goal the study of the Amendment Proposal of the Constitution (PEC – initials in Portuguese) n. 80/2019, from a threatening perspective to the constitutional norm of the social function of property, in the case of its discussing and approval. It is subdivided into two parts. While the first one is dedicated to a study that involves some concepts of property and social function, as well as a specific Brazilian constitutional historical evolution of the social function of property, the second part of the research gives already a growing thematic funneling into PEC 80/2019, its norms, formal motivations and, conclusevely, critical questions. Deductive methodology, under analytical theoretical line, using mainly legislative and doctrinal sources, focuses on the social function of property as a legal principle and on the validity, the term, effectiveness and efficiency of PEC 80/2019 and its possible transformation as an amendment to the 1988 Brazilian Constitution.