The Age of Artificial Intelligence:An Exploration of the Ethical and Legal Issues of AI in Russia and China

In recent years, the growing use of artificial intelligence technology has made significant contributions to social society. However, AI can also be a double-edged sword of modern science and technology due to its destructive potential and inherent risks.
The EC recently published the proposal for an EU Artificial Intelligence Act. The UNESCO adopted the Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial intelligence.
The paper looks at the AI development strategies adopted by Russia and China. It uses Anchoring Vignettes as a case analysis to highlight the ethical issues raised by AI, such as human alienation, privacy issues, injustice, and responsibility attribution, and what legal instruments should be available to tackle these concerns and related challenges. It argues that a more holistic approach is necessary to unlock the full potential of AI technologies in an ethical, transparent, and safe way, both nationally and globally.