The Adaptation and Development of China Emission Trading System: Legal Transplants as a Bridge

China is constructing the biggest Emission Trading System, which is transplanted from the international climate change law. The paper traces the history on the construction of the ETS through the Kyoto protocol which set up the legal framework of international climate change law, analyzing the phenomenon of legal transplants during this history. Meanwhile, the paper analyses the new characters of the ETS developed by China basing on the special political regimes, and how China overcomes the conflicts of the culture in the legal transplanting between the donated legal system and receiving legal system. What’s more, the paper will try to explore the experience about how China optimize the ETS and makes it work effectively, and also, how the experience applies to global environmental law establishment.The syllables is as below:
1. Introduction
2. Legal transplant during the construction of ETS
3.How China optimize ETS after the legal transplants
4. Conclusion and recommendation